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Students often struggle to understand the increasingly complex content and vocabulary presented in social studies classrooms. Frustrated teachers often feel that it is easier to just cover the information presented instead of working to help students make meaningful connections. New state and national expectations expect our kids to be fluent readers and writers of social studies content. Effective strategies increase students learning of content while increasing student process skills. Glenn will share successful strategies that target the unique features and constructions of social studies texts as well as other forms of non-fiction & fiction. Handouts and materials provided can be used immediately to modify your social studies instruction. More
Starts: 5/3/2017 8:30 AM
Session: 1
Status: 29 open seats left
Class size: 30 seats
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The Library of Congress Teaching with Primary Sources (TPS) Program at the Collaborative for Educational Services is making accessible to all learners – including English Learners – the best of inquiry-based instruction in social studies and humanities, using primary sources. CES Emerging America Director Rich Cairn will guide teachers through effective strategies to support all learners. The course arose from a decade of work by history and humanities educators, historians, experts in teaching English Learners, and on research and classroom practices that support ALL learners. This course will feature exemplars of best practice based on the history of immigration and of foreign language communities in the U.S., using primary sources and analysis tools. The two day course is designed to assist both 5-12 social studies teachers and those working with ELL students to improve the historical thinking skills and content acquisition of English Language learners. Grant funds allow ESSDACK and CES to to offer the training at a discount - making this a great cost-effective way for districts send multiple educators. More
Starts: 6/6/2017 8:30 AM
Sessions: 2
Status: 30 open seats left
Class size: 30 seats
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