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Inspired Leadership Two-Day Package Day 1- Do you desire not only a school culture where murmuring and complaining are replaced with awareness and engagement, but a similar culture in your personal life? Do you find total satisfaction in who you are? How do you want to show up in life? This workshop will create a greater awareness of how you are currently expressing yourself, how to express the greatest version of yourself, and how you impact others around you. Join us! Participants will: Articulate the difference between anabolic and catabolic energy and analyze how it impacts individuals, teams, and organizational culture. apply knowledge of the seven levels of energy to real life scenarios. identify how each level of energy can hold a leader back or move a leader forward to take purposeful action to achieve desired results. increase awareness of what triggers catabolic energy to reduce stress. take the Energy Leadership Index (E.L.I.) assessment prior to the workshop. This assessment reveals where a person's energy level is during times of stress and non-stress. Day 2: INspired Leadership for Communication:Facilitating Powerful Conversations. What would happen if all your interactions were intentional, engaging, and productive? How do your communication skills inspire your personal and professional relationships? Do you want to take your communication above and beyond what you can imagine? Join us for this workshop to learn more! Participants will: Discuss key areas that impact communication to achieve desired results. Learn specific techniques to provide focus for a conversation or meeting. Practice facilitation skills that increase engagement during one-on-one conversations, small and large groups. More
Starts: 6/13/2017 8:30 AM
Sessions: 2
Status: 30 open seats left
Class size: 30 seats
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